• FCS photo site is hosted at dreamhost and built with a open source software called pydio
  • URL –
  • Following is the instruction to upload photos
  1. Get an account by emailing then IT director will assist you with it
  2. Navigate to and login with provided username and password at lower left corner as shown in screenshot below. Check ‘Auto login’ if you’d like browser to remember your login information (which I do)
  3. Upon login, you will see Administration link as shown in the screenshot above. Click on it and it will take you to the backend dashboard – as shown in the third screenshot above.
  4. Now you’re ready to upload photos. Simply click Add and you will a screen as shown below. From here, you can either create a new album OR use an existing one.
  5. In this tutorial, I chose to create a new album called “Painting & Calligraphy (國畫/書法)“. Once you enter the Album name, click Create button to create a new album.
    • Please note that Pydio does support nested album (album within an album) so be sure to select “—————” if you DON’T want it to be in a parent album.
  6. Now your album is ready, you can either drag&drop to “Drag files here” area OR click on to  to upload. Keep in mind it does support uploading several photos at the same time so you can add as many as you want.
  7. When you’re done selecting photos, click  to upload photos.
  8. Now you should see your album and uploaded photos when you go to – which sorts the albums by the uploaded date.
  9. Shall you have any questions, please contact

NJFCS weekly communication


Weekly Communication content can be found here

1. Login

  • UID/Password: please check with IT director

2. Landing Page

  • where you can find previous announcements

3. Create & send new campaign

  • click on ?to compose an announcement

  • enter the Subject

  • be sure to correctly enter ‘From name’ and ‘Reply to email’ to reflect your identity (e.g. FCS PA Director /; FCS Culture Director/; FCS Principal /

  • enter the email body

4. Click on?at the bottom left to continue

5. Choose the intended list – if you have any questions, please contact IT director

  • as of December 2016 – we use following lists

6. Click??to Send announcement

7. Check the status and confirm that the status has reached 100%. If the service stalls for whatever reason, refresh the page and hit ‘resume‘ and check again as shown below. It normally takes couple of minutes to deliver to 500 recipients. admin notes

super user:

shared user: (campaign notification will be sent to

Current verified email:

  • *

change favicon

Mail list

  • clubs – club leaders and members
  • families – all registered families from reigstration system
  • friends – free subscription – see below – for website subscription only
  • staff/teachers – Principal provide the list

newsletter subscription widget – mapped to 2014-15 friends list (id=14)

Encoding problem.

change database to utf8_general_ci
change following fields to utf8_general_ci – name, plain_text, html_text
change following campaigns table and “title” field (aka subject) to utf8_general_ci (chinese character encoding in the subject)

NJFCS Site Admin

  1. how to send weekly communication
  2. how to manage photo site
  3. registration site annual maintenance
  4. registration site database report – for staff
  5. registration process – for staff to help parents

Site and Hosting Services we use:

Vendor Description URL Registered Email Annual Cost Billing
  • EC2 for two sites: and
  • SES for newsletter delivery $260 Derek’s visa card
  • domain registration $12 Derek’s visa card
  • Email address/server
  • all sites except two sites with apache/tomcat on AWS EC2
  • all IT services $0 (non-profit discount) Derek’s visa card
Site Up Time
  • Site monitoring service
  • alert is sent to
  • managed through dreamhost
  • pointed to Ho-Chi’s email and phone number) $0 Free service n/a
Google Voice
  • FCS contact number/mailbox
  • voice message notifcation
  • directed to and $0 Free service n/a
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook developer account

n/a $0 Free service n/a
  •  youtube channel $0 Free service  n/a

FCS site lists

URL Service Hosted On User Password Management dreamhost IT Director and Principal Newsletter dreamhost

tied with AWS SES

IT Director and Principal FCS main site dreamhost All staff FCS registration system AWS EC2 All staff

All family FCS main site (legacy) AWS EC2 IT Director photo site dreamhost All staff

All family FCS share drive dreamhost All staff

PHP Tuning For

increase upload post file size

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