CHF photo album

  1. Login to site with your username and password
  2. Open Photonic Helper at
    • (you can also access it from dashboard following the screenshot below – it’s located at lower left corner)
  3. Get the list of albums as shown in screenshot below
  4. Enter caretohelpusa then hit Find
  5. Identify Album Name by searching the proper Album Title as shown in screenshot above
  6. Insert the album by using shortcode on the post/page you’d like to display
    1. sample page with options can be found at
    2. it will be probably easier to add album using ‘Text‘ mode – which can be switched at the upper right corner on the page editor screen.
  7. Once done, hit Update and the album(s) should show up on the page/post.

CHF site admin work log 2017

Site Admin information


  1. enable site protection – done 2/6/2017
  2. purchase and setup SSL certificate for – done 2/23/2017
  3. ask users to change password via https – done
  4. change super user password – done
  5. check and change file permission – done
    1. find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
    2. find .  -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;
    3. chmod 444 wp-config.php .htaccess
  6. site uptime monitoring: done


  1. disable http altogether and replace it with https – done
  2. site pages and posts clean up – done. only pages were affected; search all pages with embedded scripts (e.g. about-us page was plugin with scripts)
  3. replace site theme – done. use discover trial theme
  4. move photo site to google photo: Ann
  5. reconfigure nextgen gallery for slideshow – done
  6. remove all other sites: beta, photo, dev – done except photo site

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