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Before i forgot, one thing for you to consider is the ‘furniture’ for your equipments. to me, the ‘look’ of your setup is probably equally important as the audio part of it

one thing i wasn’t able to accomplish when i built my home theater is that it doesn’t fit my living environment. and home theater has the inherent challenge since there will be equipments, cables everywhere. how to store them properly, decorate with your home is something for you to consider. also because most of HT components don’t have the classy look of a stereo system but it can be fixed if you select your audio furniture and equipments properly.

some sites with quality audio furniture for your consideration

https://www1.crutchfield.com/g_15720/Audio-Cabinets-Racks.html#&nvpair=FFBrand|Bell’O&nvpair=FFBrand|Salamander Designs&nvpair=FFBrand|Sanus&nvpair=FFBrand|Solidsteel&nvpair=YCStyle|Cabinet


Recommended Home Theater System Brands


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