NJFCS Site Admin

  1. how to send weekly communication
  2. how to manage photo site
  3. registration site annual maintenance
  4. registration site database report – for staff
  5. registration process – for staff to help parents

Site and Hosting Services we use:

Vendor Description URL Registered Email Annual Cost Billing
  • EC2 for two sites: history.njfcs.org and reg.njfcs.org
  • SES for newsletter delivery
http://aws.amazon.com/ njfcs1994@gmail.com $260 Derek’s visa card
  • njfcs.org domain registration
https://www.godaddy.com/ njfcs1994@gmail.com $12 Derek’s visa card
  • Email address/server
  • http://www.njfcs.org
  • all sites except two sites with apache/tomcat on AWS EC2
  • all IT services
https://panel.dreamhost.com/ njfcs1994@gmail.com $0 (non-profit discount) Derek’s visa card
Site Up Time
  • Site monitoring service
  • alert is sent to alert@njfcs.org
  • alert@njfcs.net managed through dreamhost
  • pointed to Ho-Chi’s email and phone number)
http://www.siteuptime.com/ webmaster@njfcs.org $0 Free service n/a
Google Voice
  • FCS contact number/mailbox
  • voice message notifcation
  • directed to principal@njfcs.org and vp@njfcs.org
https://www.google.com/voice/ njfcs1994@gmail.com $0 Free service n/a
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook developer account


n/a $0 Free service n/a
  •  youtube channel
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_AzEOxVcaK_t1MBApAXGOg  njfcs1994@gmail.com $0 Free service  n/a

FCS site lists

URL Service Hosted On User
http://www.njfcs.org/ppma/ Password Management dreamhost IT Director and Principal
http://sendmail.njfcs.org/ Newsletter dreamhost

tied with AWS SES

IT Director and Principal
http://www.njfcs.org FCS main site dreamhost All staff
http://reg.njfcs.org/reg FCS registration system AWS EC2 All staff

All family

http://history.njfcs.org FCS main site (legacy) AWS EC2 IT Director
http://photo.njfcs.org photo site dreamhost All staff

All family

http://share.njfcs.org FCS share drive dreamhost All staff

PHP Tuning For http://www.njfcs.org

increase upload post file size http://wiki.dreamhost.com/PHP.ini


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